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    Columbia Campus
  Jun 02, 2023
2010-2011 Undergraduate Studies Bulletin (Frozen) 
2010-2011 Undergraduate Studies Bulletin (Frozen) [Archived Catalog]

Registration Policies


Dropping a Course

Withdrawal from the University


To be officially enrolled in the University students must be academically eligible, complete the registration process with the Office of the University Registrar, and possess a receipt issued by the Office of Financial Services for payment of current academic fees.

Students are expected to complete registration (including the payment of all required fees) by the dates prescribed in the registration calendars on the registrar’s Web site to avoid cancellation of classes and payment of a late registration fee of $5 per day ($350 maximum).
Changes in Enrollment
Adding a course, changing from credit to audit or audit to credit, changing from one section to another, and changing the number of credits in any variable credit course must be completed by the last day to change course schedule or drop without a grade of W being recorded, as published in the academic and refund calendars on the registrar’s Web site. Electing or revoking the Pass-Fail option must be completed no later than the last day for dropping a course with a grade of W, as published in the academic and refund calendars on the registrar’s Web site.

Dropping a Course

An undergraduate student may drop a course via the Internet ( Courses from which the student withdraws by the last day to change a course schedule or drop without a grade of W will not be recorded on a student’s permanent record. Thereafter, during the first seven weeks of a semester, the grade of W will be recorded on a student’s transcript, but the semester hours will not enter into the computation of hours attempted, grade point average, or any other totals. In summer sessions and other shortened sessions this period will be 50 percent of the total number of class hours instead of seven weeks. (See the University’s academic and refund calendars on the registrar’s Web site.) Removal of a W grade is not permitted except in cases of documented administrative error. Students dropping a course or withdrawing from the University after the first seven weeks of a semester will normally receive a grade of WF. A WF is treated as an F in the evaluation of suspension conditions and in computing the student’s grade point average. Students who stop attending classes without officially withdrawing will have the grade of “F” recorded for all courses. This grade is included in all calculations and totals. Dropping all classes does not constitute formal withdrawal from the University. Withdrawal from courses after the last day of classes is not permitted.

Exceptions to the assignment of a grade of WF are possible for verifiable, documented reasons. If a student must either drop a course or withdraw from the University for medical reasons; because of a learning disability, as verified by the University’s Office of Student Disability Services; or for another acceptable major cause after the penalty date (last day to receive a W), the grade of W may still be assigned. A Request for Assignment of W Grade for Extenuating Circumstances After Penalty Date form (AS-122A) must originate with the student’s academic dean and must be approved by the course instructor(s) and returned to the Office of the University Registrar by the dean.

Withdrawal from the University

All full- or part-time students wishing to withdraw from the University or to discontinue enrollment from all courses for the semester should follow the instructions online at when they request to drop their last course. Staff members of the Office of the University Registrar are available to assist students in completing the withdrawal process. In addition, staff from the Student Ombudsman Office located in the Osborne Administration Building can provide counseling. Students requesting withdrawal for extenuating circumstances after the penalty date (last date for W grade) should see their college dean.

Withdrawal from courses after the last day of classes is not permitted. Students absent from any final exams will be given a grade of F for the course if they have not provided an excuse acceptable to the instructor. If excused, they will be given a grade of I and may complete the course through deferred examination.

The date of withdrawal from the University will be posted on student transcripts.

Any student withdrawing within the scheduled refund period (see academic and refund calendars on the registrar’s Web site) can expect to receive a refund through the mail in approximately four to six weeks (see “Refund Procedures”). If at the time of withdrawal the student has any financial obligations to the University, these will be deducted from any refund due. When students who are recipients of federal financial aid withdraw from all classes, they are entitled to retain only a percentage of the federal financial aid received that is proportional to the time they remained enrolled. If, for example, students withdraw after completing 30 percent of the semester or summer term, they can retain only 30 percent of the federal financial aid they received. The balance, 70 percent, must be returned to the financial aid programs. The Office of the Bursar performs this calculation, and students are notified by mail of the outcome. The same percentage applies to the amount of federal financial aid that the school may retain toward accrued charges. Additional information regarding the University’s Withdrawal Refund Appeals procedures can be found in the Fees and Refunds section of the bulletin.

Students who have received long-term loans through the University (Perkins, nursing, and health professions) must contact the Student Loan Accounting Office for an exit interview. Failure to participate in this exit interview may result in a hold being placed on transcripts.

Students who have received a Stafford, PLUS, or Supplemental Student Loan while enrolled at the University must attend an exit loan counseling session. Students are notified by mail to complete this requirement using the Web.

Students in the National Guard or armed forces reserves who are placed on active duty by order of the president of the United States or the governor of their state should pursue withdrawal from courses according to the provisions of the University’s policy titled “Withdrawal of Students Called to Active Military Service” (ACAF 3.05). Active duty military personnel who are reassigned during an academic term may also invoke the provisions of this policy.


It is expected that students will discharge any indebtedness to the University as quickly as possible. No diploma, certificate, enrollment verification, or transcript will be issued to or for students who have not made satisfactory settlement with the Office of Financial Services for all of their indebtedness to the University.